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30 January 2008

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27 February 2008

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Slow Art

In our digital culture, we can task simultaneously, message instantly, and prototype rapidly, but, in doing so, do we create an oasis for contemplation, or do we fuel a hunger for yet more speed? As technology colors all aspects of our world, we see the inevitable pendular response in campaigns that advocate slowness.

The Italian membership organization Cittaslow's manifesto defines criteria for slow cities, focusing on improved quality of life. Internationally, people are organizing to protect regional food systems, traditions, and cuisine as part of the Slow Food Movement. There is a return to artisanship, and a renewed focus on the local, as opposed to the global.

Throughout time, artists have pioneered the important task of illustrating and preserving humanity. For the SIGGRAPH 2008 art program, we are seeking art and investigations that address our overarching conference themes (Complexity and Accessibility, Future History, Global Responsibility, Impact on Society, and Professional Development and Education) through the filter of Slowness. Some questions we hope to explore are:

All submissions will be juried. International works are highly encouraged. All forms of digitally mediated work are eligible, as well as works made in traditional media that comment on technology. Selections will be made according to the following criteria: relevance to the SIGGRAPH 2008 themes, creative use of media, depth of critical exploration, and quality of accompanying artist statement.

Our final exhibition will be a gallery at SIGGRAPH 2008, smaller than in past years. In addition, there will be an exhibition of curated artworks. Through both of these exhibits, we hope to showcase the strongest examples of current new media work.

SIGGRAPH 2008 Slow Art

Lina Yamaguchi
Stanford University