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Submission Deadline:
30 January 2008

Materials Upload Deadline:
27 February 2008

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Presentation Formats

SIGGRAPH 2008 welcomes submissions of work that can be presented at the conference in the following formats:

Formal education and instruction by experts. Classes may be presented by one speaker or a series of speakers on different aspects of a topic. Classes are either single-session (1.75 hours) or double-session (3.75 hours).

An installation that requires ongoing staffing to operate, manage, and/or inform the attendee experience during the conference week. Demos present emerging ideas through research prototypes, novel interface paradigms, breakthrough-enabling techniques in other fields, or interactive art experiences. Demos are not commercial presentations for direct business opportunities. If your demo is in that category, please see For Exhibitors.

Static imagery or artwork suitable for wall hanging.

Informal Forum
A casual, low-tech "soap box" opportunity to share ideas, propose new perspectives, and start dialogues. Informal Forums are about 15 minutes in length.

An object, setup, or physical entity that is available for attendee observation, experience, and/or interaction. Installations can include artwork, sculpture, web sites, monitor-based work, technical gadgetry, and other elements of interest. Installations should function as stand-alone pieces. If your project requires staffing, it's a Demo.

A moderated discussion in which several qualified experts present and discuss their views on an established topic. Panels are large-venue sessions with pre-planned discussion following a Q&A format. Roundtables are smaller, more informal sessions with free-form discussion among the panelists and audience.

A scheduled opportunity for attendees to experience live work such as music or dance in electronically mediated forms, or to observe new technology in action.

A large-format document that informs attendees about recent speculation, research findings, practical applications, or commercial and artistic challenges. Posters are mounted for attendees to read at their leisure during the week, and scheduled "poster sessions" allow poster authors and attendees to discuss the work in person. Posters authored by students may be entered in the ACM Student Research Competition.

A formal presentation on any topic of interest to the SIGGRAPH community, followed by Q&A. Talks are either short (5-20 minutes) or long (20-40 minutes).

Technical Paper
Peer-reviewed scholarly research presented at the conference and published in ACM Transactions on Graphics. Technical paper submitters do not use the general conference submission form. They use a separate online submission form with separate submission deadlines, and they go through a separate review process.

Video or animated work to screen at SIGGRAPH 2008.