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Submission Deadline:
30 January 2008

Materials Upload Deadline:
27 February 2008

Submission Areas

Submission Categories

SIGGRAPH 2008 requests that submitters designate the appropriate categories for their work. This helps the jury perform apples-to-apples comparisons when evaluating the wide range of proposals submitted to the conference.

SIGGRAPH 2008 defines seven categories of work:

Animation and Visual Effects
Production solutions and a look behind the scenes

Best Practices, Case Studies, Tips & Tricks
Impressive, inspiring, instructive sharing

Creative Expression
Artistic and design challenges, motivations, and results

Crossing Boundaries
Creations from seemingly unrelated domains, deftly combined

Evolving Concepts
Fresh, half-baked, unusual, and inspirational work

Methods & Systems
New tools, processes, and work-flows

Timely and unpublished insights and results