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The Studio

The Studio at SIGGRAPH 2008 will provide an opportunity for attendees to interact with some of the most exciting digitally empowered creative artists, designers, researchers, and technicians in the world. Professionals in video, sound, animation, print, advanced interfaces, and 3D capture, modeling, and output will be on hand to assist in education and production of attendee-conceived artwork using state-of-the-art technologies.

Attendees will use cutting-edge workstations to process and stream images, 3D models, voices, captured walk cycles, and other data to and from the various experience "pods" for further processing, output, and exhibition. The Studio is also sponsoring a Design & Computationist in Residence program. High-profile artists in diverse media will be working together to learn and teach each other about new technologies while creating art in a shared studio environment.

If you have suggestions for The Studio, please send them to:

SIGGRAPH 2008 Studio

Phillip Carrizzi
Kendall College of Art and Design