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Exhibitor Tech Talks
Host an Exhibitor Tech Talk to deliver in-depth tutorials about your products. These educational sessions are open to all attendees and will be promoted in SIGGRAPH 2008 programs and on the web site. Exhibitor Tech Talks are presented in a theater-style format. Standard A/V equipment is included.
$2,000 per session

The mission of FJORG! is to create a pressure cooker of opportunity for animators who want to showcase their skills in a high-profile event. Sixteen competing teams of animators will be selected to participate in FJORG! Recruiters from leading computer graphics, feature film, animation, and game companies will attend SIGGRAPH 2008 and monitor the FJORG! competition. Recognition includes:

Investment: $20,000

Investment: $45,000

Always a huge draw, the SIGGRAPH 2008 Reception will attract about 4,000 Full Conference attendees. It's a great way to launch a new product or get your company's name noticed. SIGGRAPH 2008 will promote the reception in preconference materials. Recognition includes:

$15,000 shared
$40,000 exclusive

Other Conference Programs
Have your company name associated with one of the high-quality conference programs at SIGGRAPH 2008. You may choose to have your company name associated with an entire conference program or (for a smaller investment) an individual presentation or class.

Convention Center Meeting Rooms
Are you looking for a quiet and convenient location to meet with prospective clients or current customers? Reserve a convention center meeting room by half hour, the day, or the week.

The Studio
Companies are invited to showcase their products in the The Studio, where attendees have hands-on access to a broad array of software and hardware throughout SIGGRAPH 2008.

This is a free opportunity. All of the technology in the The Studio, from extremely high tech to cleverly low tech, is donated. If you have hardware, software, output, peripherals, interactive devices, haptics, interfaces, artistic materials, paper, tools, techniques, educational programs, and/or tutorials, send a description of your proposed donation to the The Studio Chair.

More Information About The Studio

Student Volunteers
Student Volunteers are selected in a competitive process from many of the world's leading universities. They are highly visible at the conference, where they provide directions and information, translate for attendees whose first language is not English, and help with crowd control. Many of the SIGGRAPH community's academic and industrial leaders began their careers as Student Volunteers.

Student Volunteers who demonstrate an excellent work ethic and prove they are both dependable and helpful are entered in a raffle at the close of the conference. This raffle, made possible through prize donations from companies in the computer graphics and interactive techniques industry, is a great opportunity to communicate with the next generation of influencers in this dynamic industry. Donor names will be printed on the donation banners in the lobby of the convention center and on the donor sign posted outside the Student Volunteer office.

Student Volunteer baseball-style hats display the SIGGRAPH 2008 logo and location on the front. A sponsor logo can appear on the back, side, and/or bill of the hats. These hats provide excellent conference-wide visibility, and they become unique souvenirs that Student Volunteers wear long after they return to their campuses. The hat sponsor's name will be printed on the donation banners in the lobby of the convention center and on the donor sign posted outside the Student Volunteer office.

Speaking Opportunities
In recent years, the Student Volunteers Committee has invited industry professionals to give a few hours of their time during the conference to meet and talk with Student Volunteers. Through these talks and informal conversations, Student Volunteers return to their universities with a deeper understanding of how to focus their learning to achieve their career goals.

If you are interested in a speaking opportunity, please contact the Student Volunteers program.

Contact SIGGRAPH 2008 for more information.