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Dream 191.14533
Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep
© 2006

The image above is a still frame taken from the artwork Dreams in High Fidelity, by Scott Draves. It is a digital painting that evolves, and was designed and rendered with the Electric Sheep, a cyborg mind composed of 60,000 computers and people mediated by a genetic algorithm.

Every year, the SIGGRAPH Conference Committee convenes at an initial strategy meeting to discuss the state of the computer graphics and interactive techniques community. These discussions by this interdisciplinary group of volunteers and contractors result in a collection of information that helps to shape the character and color of the coming SIGGRAPH conference.

For SIGGRAPH 2008, the conference committee saw the need to craft the conference experience to mimic the natural fission and fusion of ideas as reflected not only in their planning process, but also in the trends and changes of the computer graphics and interactive techniques industry as a whole. Much like a virtual network, content and ideas next to each other would passively or actively inform one another. The conference needed to grow. This breaking free from many a past construct gave rise to a simple and eloquent expression which became the theme for SIGGRAPH 2008: "Evolve."

Scott Draves' artwork was thought to encapsulate perfectly this spirit - a piece born from man and machine; from one and from many; singularly and all at once. Even in its static form, its vibrant complexity exudes the richness and energy that speaks to the evolution of the SIGGRAPH conferences.

We thank Scott Draves for his generous contribution in allowing SIGGRAPH 2008 to use his artwork as one of the primary graphic identifiers for the conference.