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The Studio

Hall H
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Monday, 11 August 1 - 6 pm
Tuesday, 12 August Noon - 11 pm
Wednesday, 13 August Noon - 11 pm
Thursday, 14 August 9 am - 6 pm
Friday, 15 August 9 am - 2 pm

Powerful workstations, versatile software, artists, designers, production experts, and you. Consult with the The Studio team of practitioners, artists in residence, and multimedia experts to realize your most imaginative concepts in 2D, 3D, 4D, and n-dimensional media. Then use its network of advanced input and output devices to create art in every subdiscipline of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Special Acknowledgements:
The Studio thanks Adobe Systems Incorporated, Intel Corporation, Penn State Altoona, and Kendall College of Art and Design for their generous support.

The Studio areas are grouped in broad categories determined by whether the technologies and activities are primarily about acquiring data, processing data, or outputting data. These teams help attendees explore specific technologies, and then work with them to move their data through a number of overlapping areas in order to critique, augment, revise, and complete complex projects.

The Acquire team helps attendees capture, import, and create original datasets that can flow into any of The Studio's technology areas. They consult with attendees on issues and projects including photography, drawing, LASER scanning, video, sound recording, and other methods of digitizing real world phenomena. From here, attendee datasets move on to the Process and Produce areas.

Producer: Matthew Hamon
Team Members: Peter Randlette, Issara Willenskomer, Dave Nutty, Kyle Iskra, Terry Vanden Akker, Sarah Kabot, Conor Peterson, Bob Gould

The Process team helps attendees manipulate data and projects that use information of all kinds to generate dynamic content. The team provides opportunities to compute creatively and shape existing content in areas such as animation, 3D design, image manipulation, sound, open-source software, script-based 3D form generation, and video production. Processed data are prepared for any of a number of production and display technologies in the studio.

Producer: Byron Lahey
Team Members: Sky Asay, Robert Berg, Jessica Borchetta, John Brock, Gene Cooper, Claas Kuhnen, Rosemary Mifsud, Gene Cooper, Gerry Derksen, Angela Eberhardt, Chris Evans, Isa Gordon, Brock Ramirez, Carlo Sammarco, Makai Smith, Scott Starrett, and Scott Van Note

The Produce team helps attendees transform their acquired and processed data into tangible reality. The team consults on best practices and moves attendee art into production queues that may include 2D printing, lenticular printing, LASER cutting, CNC milling, and rapid prototyping. A limited number of slots are available or some of these processes, so stop by the Studio early to sign up.

Producer: Matthew Hollern
Team Members: Donna Sweigart, Michael Gayk, Helena Pasquarella, Raleigh Souther, Courtney Starrett, Chris Williams, Richard Zarobell, Nate Penny, and Norwood Viviano

Artists In Residence Program
The Studio hosts six emerging and established resident artists from a variety of media traditions. In their own group workspace in the center of The Studio, these artists utilize the entire array of resources represented in The Studio. They blend their dynamic individual studio practices with emerging technologies as they interact with and provide inspiration to attendees.

The 2008 Artists in Residence: Ryan Buyssens, Dennis Dollens, Sondra Sherman, Jenny E. Sabin, Matt Shlian, and Peter Schmitt Producer: Richard Nelipovich

If this is your first time in The Studio, our top- flight volunteers are available to help you through the process, and a whole series of 3D tutorials is planned throughout the week. If you are a "jaded professional," you can do some intense comparison and tech-testing or take this opportunity to try doing things differently or more experimentally than you might in a normal work environment. This is a studio, after all. Dive in. Spend the day, or the week, investigating the latest in 3D data capture, modeling, and rapid prototyping.