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The objects in this section draw strength from unique combinations. When joined, these objects create timeless subjects rich with contrasts. They are at once nostalgic and innovative, natural and artificial, known and unknown. It is through these contrasts that we are drawn toward a deeper understanding of the familiar.

VR Comper ver. 5E: A Perspective Primer
Theo. A. Artz
Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
The Intimacy Machine
Jonathan Bachrach
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

fragment.0140.02b ('Silhouette')
fragment.1207.0304.3 ('Glint')

Tim Borgmann
Wuppertal, Germany
Televisor 1910 German
Steve Gompf
Collins College
Tempe, Arizona USA
RealSnailMail [RSM]
boredomresearch (Vicky Isley and Paul Smith)
Bournemouth University
Poole, United Kingdom
Associative Audio Design
Dennis de Bel
Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Science
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
TimeFrames: Digital Magic Lantern Slides
Wil Lindsay
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Neurosymphonic Self Reflection
Divine Instruments of Technology

Kevin Mack
Los Angeles, California USA
Paul Magee
London, England
Fold Loud
JooYoun Paek
Eyebeam Resident
New York, New York USA
Digital Drawings
Ross Racine
New York, New York USA
Cross-Being: Dancer (The Spinning Screen)
Hyun Jean Lee
Ali Mazalek
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia USA
Andreas Zingerle
Interface Culture - University of Art and Industrial Design
Linz, Austria