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Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

B171: A User-Interface Prototype For A Mobile Augmented Reality Tool To Assist Archaeological Fieldwork
Ceren Kayalar
Ahmet Emrah Kavlak
Selim Balcisoy
Sabanci University
emrahk (at)

B172: An Effective Combination of Haptic and Tactile Sensations in Human-Scale Virtual Environments
Naoki Hashimoto
Yuichiro Lio
Makoto Sato
Tokyo Institute of Technology
naoki (at)

B173: BraTrack: A Low-Cost Marker-Based Optical Stereo Tracking System
Pedro C. Santos
pedro.santos (at)

Francisco Pinto
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
MAMS Tecnologia

Alexandre Buaes
Diego Francio
MAMS Tecnologia

Alecio Binotto

B174: Culinary Art Designer
Fumihiro Kato
The University of Electro-communications
fumihiro.k (at)

B175: gCubik: A Cubic Autostereoscopic Display for Multi-User Interaction
Roberto Lopez-Gulliver
Shunsuke Yoshida
Sumio Yano
Naomi Inoue
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
gulliver (at)

B176: GhostGlove: Haptic Existence of the Virtual World
Kouta Minamizawa
The University of Tokyo
kouta_minamizawa (at)

B177: PVLC Projector: Image Projection With Imperceptible Pixel-Level Metadata
Sho Kimura
Ryo Oguchi
Hideo Tanida
Keita Takahashi
Takeshi Naemura
The University of Tokyo
kimura (at)

Yasuaki Kakehi
Keio University/Presto
Japan Science and Technology Agency

B178: Survey of National/Culture-Specific Tendencies of Avatars in the Diversifying Metaverse
Koh Sueda
The University of Tokyo
info (at)

Motoyoshi Hirata
Keiji Mitsubuchi
Digital Hollywood University