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G246: A Study of Printing Order Estimation of Two-Color Woodblock Printing
Kazuki Onigahara
Minoru Okada
Waseda University
onigahara (at)

Shinji Mizuno
Toyohashi University of Technology Information and Media Center

G247: Accident Animation: Complexity of Integrating Accident-Scene Data From Multiple Sources, and the Value of These Animations in Promoting and Improving Transportation Safety
Christy Spangler
Alice Park
National Transportation Safety Board
spanglc (at)

G248: Arctic Fracture: A Real-Time Visualization of Live Music Using 3D Computer Animation
Matthew Bain
The Ohio State University
bain.28 (at)

G249: Beat Story: A System to Record Subjective Time Length
Hiroko Nozawa
The University of Tokyo
nozawazawazawa (at)

G250: ChaoSwitch
Takashi Iba
Keio University
iba (at)

G251: Computer Graphics for Quantum Computation
Solvita Zarina
Rusins Freivalds
Latvijas Universitāte
solvitaz (at)

G252: Efficient Rendering Technique for Darkride Visualization
ChienHung Shih
Carnegie Mellon University
rh.shih (at)

KaiTzu Lu
Industrial Technology Research Institute

G253: Life is Meaning
Brigitte Schuster
Concordia University
brigitte.schuster (at)

G254: New Tools for Collaborative Industrial Design and Communication
Michael Murphy
Michael Dick
Michael Lawrie
Robert King
Ryerson University
m2dick (at)

G255: The Footprints of Chaos
Takashi Iba
Keio University
iba (at)

G256: Visualizing Molecular Uncertainty: A Path to the Path
Shareef M. Dabdoub
The Ohio State University
shareef (at)

Sheryl Justice
Nationwide Children's Research Institute

Ray William
The Ohio State University