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MDS (Mobile-Dexterous-Social) Robot for Human-Robot Teamwork

Theme: Future History
South Lobby

A humanoid robot with a novel combination of mobility, dexterity, and human-centric communication and interaction abilities.

Enhanced Life
In the future, personal robots will assist people as capable partners in tasks that require cognitive, physical, and social competence. By integrating mobile manipulation with human-centric interaction abilities, this research aims to develop partner robots that enhance health, education, and home environments.

The MDS platform supports research and education goals in socially intelligent robotics and mobile manipulation. Integration of these areas enables new research in human-robot collaboration and communication, as well as diverse forms of social learning (for example, imitation, tutelage, demonstration, etc.).

The MDS robot possesses a unique combination of mobility, dexterity, and rich human-centric communication abilities. So it can physically and socially coordinate interactions that are very similar to human-human collaboration.

The long-term challenge is to develop proficient machines that can effectively interact with people in their natural environments and help humans achieve a broad range of physical, cognitive, or social objectives. The MDS platform supports advancements in mobile manipulation and human-robot interaction that facilitate this vision.

Cynthia Breazeal
Mikey Siegel
Matt Berlin
Jesse Gray
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rod Grupen
Patrick Deegan
University of Massachusetts Amherst

John McBean
Kailas Nerendran
Xitome Design

Jeff Weber
Meka Robotics LLC