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NanoChromics Technology: Printed Smart Colors

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

NTERA's NanoChromics technology represents a breakthrough in the ability to incorporate reflective, natural color effects into products, applications and packaging, totally unencumbered by form-factor limitations. NanoChromics enables products and packaging that can communicate vital information to consumers, based on natural colors, with ultra-low power demands. Printed smart colors will revolutionize the way products are made, packaged, secured, and used.

Enhanced Life
NanoChromics technology will enhance life by enabling color-changing visual communications in new form factors and features, such as smart packaging and labels. For example, printed smart color icons on labels could indicate product freshness, cold-chain verification of sensitive pharmaceuticals, or product authenticity.

To improve product functionality and enhance user experience.

· The world's thinnest color-changing display (less than 30um thick, or one-third the thickness of a human hair)
· The world's first completely printed color-changing display
· An ultra-low-power, color-changing display with a switching voltage threshold of less than 1.5 volts

Chris Giacoponello
Alain Briancon