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Two-Dimensional Communication

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

An alternative technology for ubiquitous computing and sensor networks. When wired networks are used for such applications, it is quite difficult to wire each network device, and the network can become highly complex. While wireless networks do not suffer from complex wiring, they cannot provide power to network devices.

Enhanced Life
With this technology, rooms would be equipped with many sensors on the walls and floors, so light-weight computers can be used everywhere with no need to charge batteries. The technology can also be used in high-density ECG or EMG sensors embedded on elastic fabrics for health care and human interaction.

To provide secure 10-Gbps signal transmission and safe 100 watts of power through a thin two-dimensional communication sheet (2DC sheet).

Microwaves are propagated in the 2DC sheet, which includes special couplers that transmit and receive data and electricity. The system requires no direct electrical contact between the couplers and the 2DC sheet.

Two-Dimensional Communication is an alternative technology for conventional wired and wireless networks. It enables high-speed connections free from radio-law restriction and makes wireless devices battery-free. The ultimate goal of this project is to support human-coumputer inteaction with surrounding computers and sensors.

Kei Nakatsuma
Yasutoshi Makino
Hiroyuki Shinoda
The University of Tokyo

Hiroto Itai
Cellcross Co. Ltd.