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Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

ARScope is a novel interface for various applications of augmented reality. It employs a retro-reflective projection technology (a display method used in augmented-reality applications), several handheld devices, a head-mounted projector, and several cameras to capture the visual environment.

A superimposed image is projected onto a hand-held device covered with retro-reflective material, and the background image is transformed into an image that is suitable for the user's current viewpoint. These techniques enable display of an image of the occluded area without the use of a head-tracking device or markers.

Enhanced Life
With ARScope, users view the world through a handheld device shaped like a magnifying glass. When the user holds the device over an object, the part occluded by the device changes its appearance.

To create a versatile visual interface for augmented reality.

Mobility: Users can look anywhere from an arbitrary viewpoint without a head-tracking device or markers.

Seamless connection: The image displayed on the device and the real environment are connected seamlessly.

Multiple users: Two or more users can use the same device at the same time because different images are presented in different directions.

In future versions, the speed and the performance of image processing will be improved, and the head-mounted devices will be more compact and lightweight.

Takumi Yoshida
Shinobu Kuroki
Hideaki Nii
Naoki Kawakami
Susumu Tachi
The University of Tokyo