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Digital Sports Using "Bouncing Star" Rubber Ball Comprising IR and Full-Color LEDs and Acceleration Sensor

Theme: Future History
Hall H

A new ball that resists strong shocks and suggests a new sport. The ball contains infrared, full-color LEDs and an acceleration sensor. People can play catch with it in a dark place because the ball itself emits bright light. The flashing speed and color of the LED lights change depending on the ball's acceleration when it is thrown by a player or bounces off a floor or a wall.

Enhanced Life
This electronic ball adds fascinating effects to an everyday play activity. The appearance of the ball changes as the ball detects different conditions (acceleration, position, etc.). The field of the game (graphics and sound) also changes interactively, spontaneously, and dynamically according to information received from the player and the ball.

To create a dynamic sports environment using an electronic ball-shaped device with interactive field graphics.

This "bouncing star" rubber ball is based on wireless technology and includes infrared and full-color LEDs and an acceleration sensor. It is well protected against shocks and bounces. The color and flushing speed of the LEDs inside the ball change in relation to the acceleration data.

In future phases of this work, the weight of the ball will be reduced, advanced materials will be adopted, shock protection will be enhanced, and more advanced wireless technology will be added. Ultimately, the ball will be used in a new computer-game genre: "digital sports."

Osamu Izuta
Jun Nakamura
Toshiki Sato
Sachiko Kodama
Hideki Koike
Kentaro Fukuchi
Kaoru Shibasaki
Haruko Mamiya
University of Electro-Communications