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Landscape Bartender: Landscape Generation Using a Cocktail Analogy

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
South Lobby

With this system, users generate landscapes by combining "ingredients." For example, the recipe for a Tequila Sunrise combines orange juice and grenadine to refer to a glowing sun in the morning sky. Users select a bottle containing the intended landscape element and pour an appropriate amount of water into a shaker. he amount of water used from each bottle determines the ratio of landscape elements.

The relief of the surface and the position of each element are changed by shaking the shaker. After shaking, users pour water into a cocktail glass, and the resulting image is displayed when the glass is placed on a coaster.

Takahiko Noda
Kentarou Nomura
Naoyuki Komuro
Tao Zheng
Chen Yang
Kazunori Miyata
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology