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UlteriorScape: Optical Superimposing on View-Dependent Tabletop Display and Its Applications

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

UlteriorScape offers novel intuitive tangible interactions on a tabletop display. It uses simple screens as additional displays as well as input tools.

Enhanced Life
Because UlteriorScape is designed for multiple users, it could be a novel platform for supporting face-to-face communication in daily life.

To provide novel intuitive interactions on a tabletop by using simple interfaces. This goal consists of projecting images onto the screens interactively displayed on the tabletop, displaying separate images to each user around the table, and developing interactive applications for UlteriorScape, including games and computer-supported cooperative works.

The core innovation is the optical design of the tabletop display. The tabletop screen has high transparency for the perpendicular direction, but it is diffusive from other directions. The combination of this special screen wth the projectors and cameras inside the table allows display of additional images just by interactively holding a simple screen over the tabletop.

UlteriorScape could open up new types of tabletop applications both for single users and multiple users, including games, simulation, education, and media art. And it could be combined with other types of sensors to support additional applications.

Yasuaki Kakehi
Japan Science and Technology Agency

Takeshi Naemura
The University of Tokyo