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Calakmul: The Adventure

Theme: Global Responsibility
Hall H

This multilingual educational software with eco-archaeology perspectives about the ancient Mayan culture of the Calakmul biosphere was created to inspire young people in Mexico City to experience and embrace their heritage. The project, a gift for the Papalote Children's Museum, is a synthesis of archaeological models; detailed 3D CG reconstructions of a temple, a palace, a ball court, and habitat settings; 2D character animations; illustrations; interactive learning experiences; audio; and text.

Museum-based artifacts are placed within virtually reconstructed tomb dioramas. Narrative animations show the environmental influences of the rainforest and explain fresco murals, stone stelae and glyphs, hut and temple construction, Mayan vaults, cacao drink, chicle-rubber extraction, ball games, traditional clothing, astronomy in architecture, tomb ceramics, and jadeite artifacts. This multi-layered work provides both casual and in-depth exploration as it illuminates the ingenuity of the Mayan people and their enduring legacy.

Robert Dunn
Arc Vertuel, Inc.

Patrick McKiernan
Rex Kilian
Marjorie Rishel
Kunal Patel
Kiko Restrepo
May Sin
Thomas Gonzales
Bonnie Bogovich
Julia Hustwit
Kinematos Video
Melanie Dunn
Arc Vertuel, Inc.