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GhostGlove: Haptic Existence of the Virtual World

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

In the real world, we usually do not consciously perceive haptic sensations. However, if haptic sensations are absent or if they are not of the quality desired, our perception of the world is degraded. This project represents the feelings of discomfort in virtual reality interactions and shows that haptic sensations play a decisive role in inciting cognitive functions in a virtual environment.

GhostGlove delivers haptic sensations to the entire hand (each finger and the palm), and it integrates the haptic sensations with visual sensations to enable recognition of the definite existence of the virtual world. This method is based on a novel technology that provides significantly realistic sensations of touch and the dynamics of virtual objects by reproducing perceived cutaneous stresses, and it provides highly realistic experiences in the virtual world.

Kouta Minamizawa
Sho Kamuro
Souichiro Fukamachi
Naoki Kawakami
Susumu Tachi
The University of Tokyo