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Theme: Impact on Society
Hall H

With IncreTable, users place virtual domino blocks with digital pens. A depth camera recognizes physical objects and gestures. Objects provide virtual terrain modification, influencing game dynamics. In addition, small robots move around the table and interact with virtual and real items.

Enhanced Life
This is a tabletop game inspired by the Incredible Machine. It encourages users to actively participate in creating content that diffuses the boundary between the real and virtual world.

To arrange a given collection of virtual and real objects in a complex fashion sufficient to perform a simple task. Each level presents a puzzle requiring multi-modal interaction that provokes user creativity.

· Demonstration of multi-modal interaction based on new technologies.
· Provision of new experiences that dissolve the boundary between virtual and real worlds.
· Multi-user, interactive interfaces that allow users to generate content.
· Bi-directional projection setup that allows content to be displayed in multiple levels.

The tabletop form factor provides an ideal interface for future games. IncreTable demonstrates how boundaries between the virtual and real world can be dissolved.

Jakob Leitner
Media Interaction Lab

Kyungdahm Yun
Woontack Woo
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Maki Sugimoto
Masahiko Inami
Keio University

Peter Brandl
Thomas Seifried
Michael Haller
Media Interaction Lab