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Confucius Computer: Transforming the Future through Ancient Philosophy

Theme: Future History
South Lobby

Confucius computer is a new form of illogical computing that models Confucius' mind and personality. It enables users to experience his historic teachings and philosophies through modern, everyday activities. Based on a model of Eastern thinking and teaching, users can chat and engage in social-network communication with a strict and illogical friend: Confucius.

Enhanced Life
Confucianism is an ancient Eastern ethical and philosophical system that has had great influence, especially in Asian countries. However, traditional passive media provides only a linear understanding of his profound teachings. This system enables people to experience and explore Confucianism through digital interactivity. This is an ideal way for young people to explore the culture of the elderly.

To provide new types of computer, internet, and social-network interactions using illogical computing based on Eastern philosophies, and facilitate transmission of ancient cultural values and heritage through new media.

Confucius Computer is a new form of illogical computing based on Eastern paradigms of balance and harmony. The system core is a virtual Confucius which can appear as a friend in online social groups such as Facebook. It facilitates inter-generational cultural communication by enabling young and old to interact and explore Asian cultural heritage.

The system is a new artistic playground for collective music making. The algorithmic music is governed by Confucius' five universal relationships and I Ching. And it provides absurd cooking advice based on re-interpretation of food preparation through Confucian illogic.

Based on deep modeling of ancient cultural teachings and philosophies, Confucius Computer provides a personalized experience of traditional thought using computing technology in an interactive and dynamic way. It presents a new form of culture technology that models Confucian teachings and philosophies, which are radically different from the ancient Greek logic normally experienced in computing.

Adrian David Cheok
National University of Singapore
Keio University, Graduate School of Media Design

Eng Tat Khoo
Wei Liu
Xiao Ming Hu
Peter Marini
Xiao Yuan Zhang
National University of Singapore

Morisawa Yukihiro
Shinsuke Makino
Keio University, Graduate School of Media Design