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Optical Tone: Dynamic Color Composition

Theme: Evolving Concepts
Hall H

For centuries, human color perception under dynamic natural light has been one of the dominant factors in the creative process of painting and other forms of visual expression. Today, RGB monitors and LED devices are commonly used to produce color and light in daily life.

This project presents:
· An algorithm to control RGB output devices along with the elements of lightness, hue, and chroma.
· A dynamic full-color LED device.

Enhanced Life
This research project enriches the color environment and provides comfortable visual communication with dynamic colors that can be controlled in accordance with human perception. It could lead to light products that provide subtle color changes such as the sky at sunset.

To establish a dynamic color-control method on electronic media that comfortably meshes with traditional techniques of color construction on physical media.

· An optical-tone algorithm that controls RGB color devices in accordance with human perception of colors.
· AniInteractive, full-color lighting device.
· A method to interact with the visual environment's dynamic light-source and object colors.

Further exploration of time-spatial color construction methods and methods to interact with the visual environment will open new horizons of dynamic visual expression and visual communication in electronic media.

Tsutomu Mutoh
International Media Research Foundation