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You Are the Interface!
ZCam™, 3DV's Depth-Sensing Camera

Theme: Future History
Hall H

3DV Systems has developed and successfully launched ZCam, a low-cost PC camera that uses the company's proprietary depth-sensing technology to capture the three dimensions of objects in real time.

Enhanced Life
The depth data collected by ZCam enable software algorithms to easily capture any motion and recognize any shape in real time and with practically no background or lighting constraints, so users can control computerized devices or applications with truly natural body gestures.

3DV's initial goal is to transform the way players interact with video games and create the ultimate immersive experience through natural input. Another goal is to enable PC and TV users to control their devices with intuitive hand gestures.

ZCam is the first and only low-cost imaging product capable of sensing depth at 60 frames per second, QVGA resolution, 1-2 cm depth precision, and very low CPU consumption. The unique product is based on a ground-breaking shutter technology that truncates light at imaging quality.

3DV's vision is to revolutionize human-machine interfaces across the board, introducing natural input as the ultimate control mechanism in a wide variety of areas, from home electronics to mobile devices.

Zvi Klier
Giora Yahav
Tomer Barel
Charles Bellfield
Rich Flier
3DV Systems