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Tangible Workbench

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

Changeable markers provide completely new possibilities for interaction on a tangible user interface (TUI). The heart of the solution is a set of changeable markers, which upgrade a TUI from a classic presentation tool to a work tool. This tool can be used in virtual factory planning, infrastructure planning, and product configuration.

Enhanced Life
This technology makes working with computers easier, more intuitive, and more fun for casual users and professionals. The system does not require any training or experience.

To provide more complex interaction without losing friendly user features.

In Tangible Workbench, controller objects do not require electronics or batteries. Yet they provide more sophisticated interaction without losing the advantage of tangible interfaces.

The Tangible Workbench is a novel input device that enables construction and control of complex 3D visualization applications for a wide variety of applications and user groups.

Thomas Kienzl