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Ants in the Pants

Theme: Impact on Society
Hall H

When we hear someone say, "Insects are crawling on my body," we feel horrified. In general, we don't like to imagine that insects are exploring our skin. But this apparently frightening situation sometimes leads to pleasure. For example, many of us played with ants when we were children.

To present this sensation, this project combines a new wearable tactile interface with a visual display to create an interactive tactile display: a glove with a matrix of motors inside. Brushes of specific elasticity are attached to the motors to deliver realistic insect sensations.

Enhanced Life
Ants in the Pants proves that a disagreeable sensation can sometimes also be a funny, thrilling, or even pleasant experience.

To realize a realistic "insect's-legs" feeling.

The stimulus given by insect legs and antennae is actually a very soft tickle that previous tactile displays have not been able to generate. A rotating stimulator can present a variety of tactile sensations other than just those related to insects, by changing the material of the stimulator.

Ants in the Pants can entertain people even if they do not like insects. If we can change the sensation according to the type of insect, we can create a "picture book with experience." This system can be used in entertainment, education, and even psychotherapy.

Keiji Sato
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