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Copycat Arm

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
South Lobby

Copycat Arm instantly imitates hand and arm motions in front of a high-speed camera so users can enjoy interactive communications with it.

Enhanced Life
This system could be utilized for designing a robot that can automatically move by imitating human motions, without the aid of computer programs installed by the robot's designers, and an information-input device in which the contents of the screen can be changed by moving the user's hands.

The primary goal is to realize a Copycat Arm that can instantly imitate the motions of users' hands and arms. Another goal is to realize an information input device in which the screen contents can be changed by moving the user's hand, eliminating the need for a mouse and a keyboard.

The system makes high-speed and high-accuracy estimations, even from large databases, beginning with high-speed sorting on the general characteristics of the image, such as the aspect ratio of hand, which roughly indicates if a finger is extended or not. The second step collates matching characteristics.

High-speed, high-accuracy hand-posture estimation, even when with the user's wrist or shoulder is rotating, revolutionizes human-machine interfaces. For inputting three-dimensional models such as clay art to a PC, the user has to simply move a hand or arm in the desired manner to form a particular shape.

Kiyoshi Hoshino
Motomasa Tomida
Emi Tamaki
University of Tsukuba