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Matsumoto-jo: A Virtual 16th-Century Japanese Castle

Theme: Future History
Hall H

Museum exhibitions on historical subjects involve presentation of a wide range of source material ranging from material artifacts to architecture, oral histories, and performance art. Matsumoto-jo is a model for a new kind of history exhibit that integrates an unprecedented range of source material in an immersive and interactive format.

Enhanced Life
The use of 3D to present educational and cultural heritage projects has the potential for evolving into a new medium for documentary programming. This new medium enhances and enriches presentation of content and is well suited for the next generation of hybrid web and television content.

Matsumoto-jo seeks to demonstrate that videogame media can be applied to enhance educational and cultural-heritage projects.

While Matsumoto-jo is not the first history-focused project to utilize interactive 3D media, it emphasizes aesthetics and technical and scholarly rigor to an unprecedented degree.

Matsumoto-jo is a model for future projects involving educational and cultural content. These future projects may include a series of similar presentations on subjects such as Chichén Itzá and the Maya, the Colosseum in Rome, Masada, Dun Aengus, and Alhambra.

Jonathan Amakawa
Studio Amakawa