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Theme: Impact on Society
Hall H

Imagine a typical videogame situation featuring swords and magic. The easiest haptic enhancement is to use a controller with a vibration motor. Most haptic game devices focus on delivering sensation to the user's hand. But in virtual game worlds, we experience more than our own destruction of enemies. The enemies also attack us.

This role reversal is currently overlooked, but it should be an indispensable part of virtual game worlds. Some researchers have proposed haptic vests that would deliver electric shock, but the result is simply an unpleasant irritation. In /ed, the enhanced reality of being slashed by a sword is achieved by presenting tactile and auditory motion on the player's abdomen and back.

Enhanced Life
/ed enables the sensation of "being slashed" by enemies in videogames. It enhances reality, but more importantly, it reminds us of the natural law of "retributive justice," which is overlooked in current games.

To present a feeling of being cut with a sword and pierced with a stick. The sensations are not truly real, but they are realistic enough for games.

· A a true multimodal presentation of audio and haptic sensations, by using a speaker as a sounder and a vibrator.
· Combination of two types of psychophysical phenomenon, "apparent motion" and "phantom sensation," to present realistic sensation "through" the body.

/ed is a significant expansion of the game environment, and its technology can expand a broad range of haptic experiences in the virtual world.

Sayaka Ooshima
Yuki Hashimoto
Hiroyuki Kajimoto
The University of Electro-Communications

Yasushi Fukuzawa
Tokyo Polytechnic University

Hideyuki Ando
Osaka University

Junji Watanabe
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Japan Science and Technology Agency