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Infinite 4D Fish

Theme: Slow Art
Hall H (between Slow Art and The Studio)

Infinite 4D Fish is a unique new mixture of sculpture, computer graphics, and lenticular 3D images. It displays a CG animation that includes a fish with tentacles and a lenticular image of it, then transforms the display into a real neural sculpture in vivid color.

Dimensional intersections generate a 4D sculpture that viewers can walk through as they enjoy the gradually changing images of imaginary fish. The lenticular display includes a massive real structure on its surface, so it displays a transformation from 2D animation to lenticular 3D imagery.

Enhanced Life
Infinite 4D Fish provides an organism-friendly design interface for robots. Its artistic and somewhat comical design may help organisms feel a sense of friendship with robots, insetead of hostility.

To create and implement sculptures and robots that are mutually activated as a platform where science, technology, and art are integrated.

This is the first attempt to design an interface for warm-hearted robots. In Infiinte 4D Fish, robots are presented with multi-layered-structure, infinity, and self-similarity, which may generate human smiles.

In the not-so-distant future, infinite 4D Fish will take human beings to the deep ocean and Mars.

Yoichiro Kawaguchi
The University of Tokyo