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Animatronics for Control of Countenance Muscles in the Face Using Moving Units

Theme: Slow Art
South Lobby

This demonstration advances techniques for robot production, not only for entertainment, but also for education, medicine, sports, and other purposes. The facial-reconstruction modeling was done with clay and produced with the silicon rubber to express the shape and texture of actual muscles as closely as possible.

Enhanced Life
Moving units enhance facial expression in animatronics.

To use a robot to express the movement of countenance muscles in the face over the neck and other subsidiary muscles in actual 3D.

The moving-unit technique uses multiple actuators to control mechanical muscle structure. The system includes 26 moving units in total, of which 20 are used to express 58 action units.

This animatronics advance will support development of robots for many applications.

Taisuck Kwon
Kyushu Institute of Design