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Emotional Touch: A Novel Interface to Display "Emotional" Tactile Information to a Palm

Theme: Impact on Society
Hall H

This handheld device displays "emotional" not "literal" tactile information. The system is composed of two oppositely arranged speakers. A user holds the speakers in both hands, and the speakers vibrate the air between the speakers and the palms. The user's palms feel suctioning and pushing sensations from the changing air pressure. Spatial distribution of the pressure is uniform, and the user can feel pure force without any sensation of edges.

Because the speakers can present tactile sensations in a very wide frequency range, the system presents many types of high-quality tactile sensations, such as liquid, small objects, and living matter.

Enhanced Life
This simple system provides more funny, comfortable, exciting, and delightful tactile feelings.

To display "emotional" information via tactile sensation.

For this project, temporal bandwidth is much more important than spatial resolution. The system presents richer expressions of tactile sensations by dramatically improving the temporal bandwidth while maintaining low spatial resolution.

This system can be embedded in many everyday devices such as plushie toys, PDAs, remote controls, and cell phones for more abundant communication. It could also be applied in gaming systems or interfaces that require more realistic tactile feedback.

Yuki Hashimoto
Hiroyuki Kajimoto
The University of Electro-Communications