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Latte Art Machine

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall K Entrance

Displaying images on the surface of a hot beverage is a non-trivial task. Certain drinks, however, have a tiny layer of bubbles on top, which provides sufficient isolation for colorant droplets to form a clear and sustainable image.

Latte Art Machine exploits this phenomenon to render the most stunning latte art images on a variety of premium espresso-based drinks. The machine explores a new medium by combining existing inkjet technology with the freedom of artistic expression. SIGGRAPH 2008 attendees are welcome to enjoy their own graphic designs on latte.

Enhanced Life
This prototype device is a tool, and by itself it does not enhance life. But it does suggest a method for creation of volatile art infused with a barista's own value judgments and personal philosophy. And it could be used to elevate the spirits of the millions of gourmet beverage drinkers worldwide.

· Make the art of decorating beverages accessible to everyone
· Bring the quality of latte art from the amateur level to the professional level
· Inspire creativity in engineers and artists

Technological advances aside, this project achieves a "mashup" of retail beverages, entertainment, and printing around a simple integrated idea.

After watching a video demonstration, one YouTube blogger left the following comment: "One day we will refuse to drink a latte without a [Vincent] van Gogh on top." The possibilities for latte art machines are endless.

Oleksiy Pikalo