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wUbi-Pen: Windows Graphical User Interface Interacting With Haptic Feedback Stylus

Theme: Complexity and Accessibility
Hall H

Haptic styli and a new interaction scheme for the Windows graphical user interface based on haptic feedback events such as clicking, dragging, dropping, scrolling, moving, etc. Additional application areas are an interactive digital sketchbook that provides haptic and auditory feedback, a tactile image display and a simple fitting puzzle based on haptic cues.

Enhanced Life
Touch screens have been widely adopted for the purpose of visual display and input on mobile devices and kiosks. However, since this interaction provides only visual feedback, we are often not sure whether we actually accomplished a task. This system removes the uncertainty with interactive styli that provide haptic feedback on a touch screen.

To improve usability of touch screen devices.

This project is focused on a mobile and wireless stylus, wUbi-Pen, that provides various combinations of haptic stimuli: vibration, bilateral impacts, and sound feedback for manipulation events.

The next phase of this project will miniaturize the styli to insert them into mobile devices. An application programming interface (API) and libraries are also under development. In the near future, haptic interaction schemes for the Windows interface will be broadly adopted in touch-screen devices.

Ki-Uk Kyung
Jun-Young Lee
Jun-Seok Park
Changseok Bae
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute