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Perception-Based High-Definition Haptic Rendering

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core
Hall H

This demonstration focuses on two haptic experiences: sensing the composition and stiffness of an object, and estimating dynamics for multiple objects. Slight vibrations express the differences between materials and degrees of stiffness.

Haptic rendering reproduces them with standard-frequency haptic devices by adding vibration. For interaction with multiple objects, parameters of motion such as inertia, viscosity, and impulse describe the dynamics of the objects.

Enhanced Life
Haptic perception is essential for dexterous object manipulation in both real and virtual world. This haptic rendering method reproduces very realistic sensation and broadens the potential applications of haptic interaction.

To create a high-definition haptic display with ordinal haptic interface devices and ordinal computational power.

The system integrates several innovations, such as multi-rate physics simulation and event-based haptic rendering to control the consistency of the virtual world. The multi-rate simulation has a local simulator for dynamics of users touching objects at high update rate for good responses in object motion.

This project applies currrent psychophysical knowledge of haptics to create rich haptic interactions without special devices.

Ikumi Susa
Yuto Ikeda
Takashi Tokizaki
Shoichi Hasegawa
The University of Electro-Communications

Hironori Mitake
Makoto Sato
Tokyo Institute of Technology