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Gantenbein Vineyard Façade, Fläsch

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

Four hundred square meters of brick façade for a winery building were digitally designed and fabricated with a prototype application. The masonry façade's function was to act as a temperature buffer and a shelter from direct sunlight.

This robotic construction technology, developed at the ETH Zürich, lays individual bricks precisely according to programmed parameters, at the desired angle and at the exact prescribed intervals. With this new digital production method, each wall was constructed to the desired light and air permeability specifications, while creating a pattern by rotating the individual bricks. The façade is made up of 20,000 bricks, and each brick is set at a precise angle.

Tobias Bonwetsch
Bearth & Deplazes with Gramazio & Kohler
Department Architektur, ETH Zürich