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Mathematical Sculptures

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

Bathsheba Grossman is an explorer of life in three dimensions. She observes the beautiful events that take place in that continuum: transitions between inside and outside, the point at zero and the point at infinite distance, how the dimensional axes can be alike and different. Her work is a road map to how we can live in our (seemingly) Euclidean world.

She is often asked whether her designs originate in logic or intuition, and the answer must be both: her intuition is always seeking order and symmetry. The designs exist first as visualizations, then as virtual 3D models. Then they enter the physical world by various computer-mediated manufacturing processes (these pieces were generated by 3D metal printing). Lastly they are hand finished by assembling, burnishing, and other craft methods as required.

The process moves backwards in history, from imminent idea to high technology to hand-finished metal.

Bathsheba Grossman
Bathsheba Sculpture LLC