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Theme: Future History and SIGGRAPH Core

Kolam or Rangoli is an ancient Indian art form in which women draw patterns at the entrances of their homes. Drawing a kolam marks the beginning of a celebration, a religious event, or the beginning of a new day. In South India, kolams are created with rice flour, and colored powder is used in North India. Dots are drawn first, and then straight lines or continuous curves are drawn around the dots to make the patterns.

Ketki Danesha
Geetha Anand

This entry was made possible with the generous support of Professor Ketki Dhanesha and her students Shashikala Sathyamurthy, Pallavi Naik, and Samir Bellare from the Indian National Institute of Design in Bangalore.

Text by Geetha Anand

Special thanks to Sudha (artist)