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Phare Tower

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

While the Eiffel Tower was shaped by the interaction of wind and gravity, towers today address more complex requirements that integrate multiple systems and serve a range of functions. Scripting software allows a design to be iteratively developed, tested, and refined to address multi-variant parameters. Rather than designing each element, the architect inputs the givens into the software, defines parameters by which to evaluate the aesthetics, cost, or performance, and then selects from the multiple alternatives generated by the software. Changing a few variables manifests dramatic change over complex geometries.

The Phare Tower by the Los Angeles-based Morphosis, an architectural practice headed by Thom Mayne, is a 300-meter skyscraper that will be built in the Paris district of La Dféense in 2012. Phare is designed as a sustainable, performance-driven concept.