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The concepts of continuity and potential infinity have been central themes of Erwin Hauer's opus from very early on in his career as a sculptor. In his native Vienna, he began to explore perforated modular structures that evolved into infinite continuous surfaces for architectural applications. Hauer derived the notion of continuous surface primarily from his studies of biomorphic form, an experience reinforced by his first encounters with the work of Henry Moore. Further reflection led Hauer to awareness of the so-called saddle surface, a type of mathematical surface that looks like the shape of historic horse saddles.

These surfaces influenced his sculptures and soon evolved into a repeat pattern because, as Hauer states: "the saddle surface refuses to permit the closure of form." Hauer's sculptural walls are intricately woven forms that create a visual sense of infinity.

The molding and casting processes applied since the 1950s were rather difficult and laborious. In partnership with Enrique Rosado, Hauer explores production of his Continua series using digital means, specifically design transformations, creation of custom tools, and CNC milling techniques.

Erwin Hauer and Enrique Rosado
EHR Associates LLC