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Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

Tropism is an attempt to bridge the techniques and visions of two digitally oriented art and design studios, Commonwealth and Joshua Davis. Joshua Davis is known for his generative, rule-driven graphic compositions, while Commonwealth is known for their experimental products and forms.

The two came together to create a computational design series of painted porcelain vases. The Tropism vase series is not only a reflection of the complexity and mutability of the botanic world, but also an application of algorithmic, code-driven art to complex topology and material form.

Commonwealth's anatomical forms, generated within animation software, were used as the underlying structure of the Tropism vases. The medium used is SLA rapid-prototyped plastics, which allow Commonwealth to apply the digital file to a material model. The rapid-prototyped models were given to Boehm Porcelain, a traditional fine-bone porcelain maker, and cast into a series of porcelain vases.

At SIGGRAPH 2008, the Commonwealth/Davis team shows two vases and three prints.

Joshua Davis