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Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

Strato is a collection of textile-based jewelery, bracelets, and accessories for clothing and fashion designed on a computer-controlled loom. The designs explore the links among innovative materials, new technologies, and traditional crafts.

The result is a new material for the creation of textile accessories that reflects a deep knowledge of materials and outsanding craftsmanship as well as innovative processes and contemporary design.

Strato consists of two contrasting elements: a flat, rigid silver bracelet and a soft, flexible tube of woven silver threads. The tube is woven on a computer-controlled loom in light and dark silver threads, and the weave fully encapsulates the structural silver bracelet. Together, the two elements create a soft and flexible structure that makes the bracelet reconfigurable. The design opposes rigidity with softness, stiffness with maleability, and two-dimensionality with three-dimensionality. The overall design balances the hard and soft elements, making the piece visually and tangibly exciting.

Design and Production
Anna Silberschmidt and Nicola Sansò
Studio Aphorisma