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Visual-Physical Design Grammars

Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

Two complementary areas of computational design are brought together in this work. The visual, aesthetic aspects of the research are explored through shape grammars. The physical design and manufacturing aspects are explored through advanced digital design and fabrication technologies.

The project builds on recent work on mono-material, interlocking component-based assemblies with parts that can be fabricated with CNC machines and assembled easily by-hand. Its goal is to develop new kinds of low-cost, high-quality, mass-customizable assembly systems that provide visually rich design variations for housing and other small structures.

The building systems are intended to be tailored for particular cultures and communities by incorporating local, vernacular, decorative design into the assembly design. The long-term objective of this research is development of visual-physical design grammars with rules that generate complete CAD/CAM data for fabrication of full-scale components for assembly design variations.

Terry Knight
Larry Sass
Kenfield Griffith
Ayodh Vasant Kamath
Steve Preston
Tal Goldenberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology