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African Kuba Textiles: Structural Inference and Contemporary Design Variations Using Shape Grammars

Theme: Future History and SIGGRAPH Core

While many cultures create designs with geometric patterns, each has distinct motifs and symmetries. The textiles by the African Kuba tribes from southeastern Congo are unique in their iterations and transformations of basic geometric shapes. These textiles, woven from the fiber of the raphia palm, reveal a sophisticated vocabulary of geometric patterns. This project illustrates the application of a generative model to interpret the geometric structure inherent in Kuba textiles by ascribing a shape grammar to create contemporary design variations through grammar variations and to fabricate the new designs on a computerized loom.

The Generative Design Team
Cheryl Kolak Dudek
Margarita Lypiridou
Nasim Sedaghat
Sudhir Mudur
Fred Szabo
Lydia Sharman
Thomas Fevens
Concordia University