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Hall of History

Petree Hall

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Information International
Demo Reel
Information International 1979
MAGI - Synthavision '82
Demo Reel
MAGI - Synthavision 1982
Light and Shadow Eihchiro Nakamae 1983
When Mandrills Ruled ... Watterberg 1983
Star Trek II Genesis Paramount and Lucasfilm 1983
The Cube's Transformation Ron Resch 1984
Digital Productions
Demo Reel
Digital Productions 1984
Quest Sciulli, Arvo and White 1985
The Last Starfighter
Digital Productions 1985
Robert Abel and Associates Robert Abel 1985
Opera Industriel Pacific Data Images 1986
Omnibus Demo Reel '86 Omnibus 1986
Visitor on a Foggy Night Hiroshima University 1986
Stanley and Stella -
Breaking the Ice
Symbolics Graphics Division
& Whitney/Demos Productions
Particle Dreams Karl Sims,
Whitney/Demos Productions
Coca-Cola/AMC MetroLight Studios 1992
Ren Qu'un Souffle
(A Slight Breeze)
Videosystem 1992