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Where Science and CG Converge: Examining the Line Between Reality and Fiction

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Thursday, 14 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Petree Hall D

When visual effects magicians start conjuring pixels, the line between reality and fantasy disappears. This talk explores that line and investigates the good, the bad, and the possibilities. Jellyfish Pictures reviews their multi-award-winning work on the BBC series "Fight For Life" and explains the research, the fact-finding, and the visits to the butchers and trauma centers that led to creation and animation of a frighteningly photo-real journey inside the body. Stuart Sumida, a paleontologist and biologist who has served on the creative teams of numerous visual effects and animated features, illustrates how reality contributes to the worlds created by visual effects practitioners.

Philip Dobree
Jellyfish Pictures

Stuart Sumida
California State University, San Bernardino