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Animated 3D Cinema: Imaginary Worlds Brought to Life

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Tuesday, 12 August, 8:30 - 10:15 am
Petree Hall C

In more than a few projects, animation is practically leaping off the screen into your lap, flying in front of your eyes, reaching out so close you can touch it. This talk goes behind the scenes of some the coolest projects, from "Beowulf" to "Bolt" and from "Coraline" to "Aliens vs. Monsters."

2D Movies, 3D Movies: Discovering the Difference
Phil "Captain 3D" McNally
DreamWorks Animation

Telling Stories in Depth
Robert Neuman
Walt Disney Animation

Stereo and Stop Motion
Brian Van't Hul

The Production of 3D Films
Buzz Hays, Sr.
Sony Pictures Imageworks