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3D for Gaming and Alternative Media: How 3D is Changing the Way We Play

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Monday, 11 August, 3:45 - 5:30 pm
Petree Hall C

Imagine yourself inside your favorite game, truly interacting with the treasures you seek or falling through space in a specially constructed immersive world. In this talk, industry experts reveal how stereo gaming, immersive entertainment, and special venues are altering our playtime.

The Power of 3: An Insider's Look at Stereoscopic 3D Gaming
Neil Schneider
Meant to Be Seen

Mark Rein
Epic Games

Designing Theme Parks in the Virtual World
Mark Mine
Walt Disney Imagineering

Production of Live 3D Content for Broadcast
Steve Schklair
3ality Digital Systems

Stereoscopic Computer Animation for Large Screens and Domes
Jeff Kleiser
Synthespian Studios