SIGGRAPH 2008. Conference: Monday, 11 August - Friday, 15 August 2008. Exhibiition: Tuesday, 12 August - Thursday 14 August 2008.

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May 2008

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Breaking News

Second Featured Speaker: U2 3D's Catherine Owens

SIGGRAPH 2008 is excited to announce the second featured speaker for this year's conference, film director and Irish artist Catherine Owens. Owens, best known for her staging and film work with the Irish band U2, will present "Giving Technology Emotion: From the Artist's Mind to 'U2 3D'," which details her co-directing and producing experiences during production of the film "U2 3D."

Photo by Kenny Morrison (fab DP)

"U2 3D" documents the band's live performance in South America during their critically acclaimed 2006 Vertigo Tour. It was made for 3D IMAX and 3D Digital theatrical release and is the first digital 3D, multi-camera, real-time production. The film used the largest collection of 3D camera technology ever used on a single project.

In 2005, Owens directed U2's spellbinding "Original of the Species" video which was nominated for two VH1 Music Video awards in 2006. The video, which explored CG motion capture technology, was in many ways a precursor for her work on "U2 3D," as both video and film are special effects driven.

"Catherine's ground-breaking work with "U2 3D" is an excellent example of how our industry continues to evolve and push the boundaries for the next generation," stated Jacquelyn Martino, SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Chair from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. "Even the most complex technologies and films begin with a vision and emotion. Catherine's work illustrates the artist's process perfectly - from imagination to fruition."

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Computer Animation Festival

Award Nominees Announced

Groundbreaking films presented at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival have amazed audiences for three decades. As in past years, 2008 saw hundreds of entries from all over the globe.

"The quality of submissions to the jury this year was incredible, ensuring that the juried programs are well-balanced, exciting, and a great snapshot of some of our industry's top material. The jury deliberated long and hard while selecting the final nominees," stated Jill Smolin, SIGGRAPH Conference Entertainment Director. "Thus, the films the jury selected are truly the best of the best, offering great technical and artistic achievement, with the added bonus of complex, sometimes very humorous, storylines."

What follows is a list of the highest caliber submissions that were not only accepted to be shown at the Festival, but were also selected as nominees for this year's Computer Animation Festival awards and prizes. Winners will be announced during SIGGRAPH 2008, rather than in advance of the conference.



Best in Show Nominees

Supinfocom, France
From Supinfocom, this imaginative student film treats us to a chaotic, hilarious, wheelchair race through an old age home.

Carbon Footprint
Jellyfish Pictures, UK
Using computer graphics, Jellyfish Pictures drives home the point of global responsibility, presenting the decomposition of a single soda can over half a century, in a single seamless shot.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
DreamWorks Animation, USA
Hilarity, peril, romance, and zoo animals; everything expected from DreamWorks Animation, this glimpse into their upcoming film provides a whole new perspective on flying with animals.

Julien Bocabeille, Francois-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, Emud Mokhberi, GOBELINS l'ecole de l'image, France
GOBELINS' third year students direct this animated short about two octopi in their comical escape from the grasps of a stubborn restaurant cook.

The Chemical Brothers 'The Salmon Dance'
Framestore CFC, UK
Great music combines with hilarious animation to provide a new perspective on aquaria, as a tank filled with rapping, beatboxing, and dancing fish comes to life, featuring over 300 hand-animated fish.

Best Student Piece Nominees

Supinfocom, France
Once again, France's Supinfocom combines story and style in this tale of honor, tradition, and imagination.

Al Dente
Supinfocom, France
Combine opera, pasta, and a knife-wielding chef and the result is another delicious animated short from this prolific school.

Derek Roczen - Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction, Germany
This tale of disproportionate love shows how relationships can change over time. This remarkable 2D animation illustrates a complicated subject and a complex relationship using the most limited of color palettes.

Blind Spot
Johanna Bessiere, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Cecile Dubois Herry, Yvon Jardel, Simon Rouby, GOBELINS l'ecole de l'image, France
Peripheral vision is everything in this animation about a nearsighted grandmother, a clumsy robber, and a surveillance camera that doesn't quite tell the story of what's really going on in the convenience store.

Mauvais Role
Alan Barbier, Camille Campion, Dorian Fevrier, Frederic Fourier, Frederic Lafay, Min Ma, Jean-Francois Macem, Emanuel Reperant, Jeremie Rousseau, Olivier Sicot, École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle, Bretagne, France
This little tale tells the story of getting whatever you want, as long as you know what it is. Watch as a monster constantly cast in games, finds his perfect job in a game you'd never choose for him.

Jury Award Nominees

Chump and Clump
Michael Herm, Stephan Sacher, Germany
This short shows us just how distracting your friends can be...and just how they can lead you to miss your bus. Repeatedly.

Mauvais Role
[see above for description]

[see above for description]

Our Wonderful Nature
Tomer Eshed, HFF Potsdam, Germany
This documentary uses time stretching, film camera work, and creative sound design to tell the story of water shrews in the wild.

The Plush Life
Timothy Heath, USA
This film, rendered entirely with NVIDIA's Gelato, shows us what happens when you pick at something that just shouldn't be picked at: you might just imperil your trip to work.

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Preview the Computer Animation Festival

Get at Sneak Peak

The Computer Animation Festival will be a full-scale film festival open to the public. Taking place both at the Los Angeles Convention Center and at the state-of-the-art Nokia Theater, the Festival will include multiple days of competition, feature film and animated short screenings, as well as supporting talks, panel discussions, art displays and award and prize presentations.


View the SIGGRAPH 2008 Computer Animation Festival video for a sneak peak into the Festival highlights. This video includes clips from the films that have been selected to be shown during SIGGRAPH 2008.


Find out what you can expect to see.

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New Tech Demos

Focus on Rome Reborn

SIGGRAPH 2008 New Tech Demos feature new and innovative technologies that you have to experience to understand. Part of the Future History SIGGRAPH 2008 theme, the exhibit Rome Reborn is the largest virtual historical reconstruction, cultural heritage, and digital archeology project ever undertaken. The exhibit features approximately 7,000 reborn buildings that recapture Rome at the peak of its glory, in 320 AD, at the time of Constantine the Great.

Rome Reborn revolutionizes the way we explore, discover, research, and publish in archeology. It offers new approaches for exhibiting historical findings in museums. It opens new channels for collaboration within a community of research scientists, as well as for the public at large, and it could eventually transform the way history is taught in our schools.

Learn more about Rome Reborn and its contributors.

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Spotlight on a Production Session

Pursuit of Awesomeness: The Making of "Kung Fu Panda"

One of the Production Sessions offered through the SIGGRAPH 2008 Computer Animation Festival is an in-depth round table discussion by the creative team that developed "Kung Fu Panda," which is scheduled to be released 6 June from DreamWorks Animation. The session will summarize the film's creative aspirations and demonstrate how those creative goals were achieved by looking at specific case studies of three episodes: "Tai Lung Breaks Out of Prison," "Oogway Departs," and "Rope Bridge Fight."

The goal of this session is to show how each department contributed to the film's storytelling, how specific production challenges arose, and how the team overcame them. Topics include: the pre-production experience (early test animations to evaluate animation and fighting styles), early-look development and how it progressed to the final look of the film, DreamWorks Animation's first use of pre-visualization as a storytelling tool, and how the death of a main character forced the production process to become the look-development process.

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Exhibition Highlight

A Surge in First-Time Exhibitors

The SIGGRAPH Exhibition floor is dynamic, and features large and small exhibitors from around the globe. Exhibitors come to SIGGRAPH to make major product announcements, form lucrative partnerships, recruit new employees, and launch products. SIGGRAPH 2008 is expecting 225 exhibitors, many of which are first-time exhibitors.

SIGGRAPH 2008 welcomes the following first-time exhibitors:

Astrodesign, Inc.
Asylum Visual Effects
ATTO Technology, Inc.
Avatar Reality, Inc.
Baton Rouge Digital Industries Consortium
Collins College - IL
Creative Handbook
Fraunhofer HHI
Hongik University - SunnyGraphy, Inc.
HPC Systems, Inc.
ImageMovers Digital
Imagi Services, USA
iPi Soft
Nexon Publishing/Humanature
R/GA Media Group Limited
RayScale, LLC
School of Film, TV and Multimedia Korean National University of the Arts
Sensics, Inc.
TEAC America, Inc.
The Bakery
The Pixel Farm
United States Mint
VisTrails, Inc.

"The number of exhibitors continues to grow in 2008. The fact that we have so many first-time exhibitors this year is a testament to the quality of the conference and the caliber of the SIGGRAPH attendees," said Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition Director. "SIGGRAPH attracts the most respected technical and creative minds in the industry and the exhibitors recognize that it is a critical place for them to reach their most important customers."

For more details on exhibiting or sponsorship, e-mail Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition Director.

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Justify SIGGRAPH 2008

Exceptional ROI

If you need company budget approval to attend SIGGRAPH 2008, you should begin the approval process and plan to register by 4 July to save up to $275.

Since the value of attending SIGGRAPH 2008 goes well above the cost to attend, it is easy to justify attending to your supervisor. Use the value-based talking points that we have developed to help you explain the importance of attending.

Maximize your ROI, register today.

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Reserve Your Los Angeles Hotel Room by 11 July

Capitalize on SIGGRAPH 2008's Discounted Rates

Reserve your hotel room by 11 July in order to guarantee a discounted hotel rate at one of the SIGGRAPH designated hotels. Reservations made after 11 July will be based on availability only and rates may increase.

The most convenient hotels fill up fast. Reserve your room today.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Job Fair

Tuesday, 12 August, Wednesday 13 August, and Thursday, 14 August

Jobseekers - Don't forget to create your SIGGRAPH 2008/ profile to maximize your visibility with companies recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2008 and to increase your chances of landing that "right" job. It's quick, easy, and free. When you complete your profile, companies will be able to review your professional experience, software knowledge, and samples of your work, including hosted art files and demo reels.

If you already have a profile, login to your account and check the box indicating you will be attending SIGGRAPH 2008 so employers recruiting at the conference can easily identify and contact you prior to, during, and after the job fair.

Employers - If you are recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2008, make sure you either reserve a booth at the Job Fair or purchase a Recruitment Package. Both packages include job posting credits on the job board network, as well as other marketing tools that provide exposure for your company, projects, and jobs to a community of 17-million creative professionals.

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ACM SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Student Gallery in Second Life Gallery

Opening at SIGGRAPH 2008 Wednesday, 13 August at 5 pm PST

For the first time ever, the ACM SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Student Exhibition will be holding both a physical and a virtual opening at the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference in Los Angeles.

In a reflection of the integrated nature of the 2008 conference, the SpaceTime Student Gallery will be integrated throughout the ACM SIGGRAPH Village this year. To further underscore this concept, the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee has partnered with the Otis College of Art and Design to extend the SpaceTime Gallery into the virtual world via Second Life. The Otis SL gallery will include virtual versions of both the animation and print work from the physical gallery. To introduce this virtual gallery to the SIGGRAPH public, there will be an official opening on Wednesday, 13 August at 5 pm PST at the SpaceTime Student Gallery in the ACM SIGGRAPH Village at the conference.

Mark your calendar now!

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SIGGRAPH 2008 in the News


SIGGRAPH 2008 has recently received media attention from a range of news sources. Here is just a sample of what and who has created some buzz for SIGGRAPH 2008.

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The Evolution of SIGGRAPH

Did You Know?

To go along with the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference theme, each issue of SIGGRAPHITTI will offer you a different fact about the way SIGGRAPH has changed over the years, how it has evolved.

Computer Animation Festival Awards
Since 1999, the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival has been an official qualifying festival for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Best Animated Short Film" award. No fewer than fifteen films from the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival have been nominated for for the Academy Award® for Best Animated Short.

The very first SIGGRAPH Best of Show award winner, "Bunny," and the 2004 Jury Award winner, "Ryan," both went on to win the Academy Award® for Best Animated Short, as did "Tin Toy," "Geri's Game," and "For the Birds." The other Oscar® nominees that have been part of the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival include "Luxo, Jr.," "Technological Threat," "Boundin," "Gone Nutty," "Gopher Broke," "Birthday Boy," "9," "One Man Band," "Lifted," and "No Time for Nuts."

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