SIGGRAPH 2008. Conference: Monday, 11 August - Friday, 15 August 2008. Exhibiition: Tuesday, 12 August - Thursday 14 August 2008.

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June 2008

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Breaking News

Robotics Expert Takeo Kanade Selected as SIGGRAPH 2008 Featured Speaker

SIGGRAPH 2008 is proud to announce the third and final featured speaker for this year's conference, Dr. Takeo Kanade, Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, and the Director of the Quality of Life Technology Engineering Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Kanade will present "My Personal Take on the Last 30 Years in Robotics and Vision," which will discuss his work across multiple areas of robotics including computer vision, visual and multi-media technology, manipulators, autonomous mobile robots, and sensors. He has written more than 250 technical papers and holds more than 15 patents. He has also been the principal investigator of more than a dozen major vision and robotics projects at Carnegie Mellon University.

"We are honored to have an expert of this caliber provide insights into the evolution of robotics and his vision while also providing our attendees with his perspective of the industry's future," stated Jacquelyn Martino, SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Chair from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. "Dr. Kanade is a great complement to our other fabulous featured speakers - Catherine Owens and Ed Catmull."

Find details on all three featured speakers.

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Register Now and Save

Early-Bird Registration Ends 4 July

If you register on or before this date you can save up to $275 off the cost of registration.

Registration options include:

Full Conference Access
Includes admission to ALL conference programs and events, including the Computer Animation Festival, Reception, and Full Conference DVD-ROM.

Full Conference One Day
Includes access to conference programs and events as well as the Computer Animation Festival for the selected one day of the conference, plus the Exhibition Tuesday through Thursday. It does not include Full Conference DVD-ROM or a Reception ticket. These items can be purchased separately.

Basic Conference Access
Includes admission to Art and Design Galleries, New Tech Demos, Posters, FJORG!, The Studio, Fast Forward Technical Papers Session, Featured Speakers, Exhibitor Tech Talks, Birds of a Feather, International Resources, Job Fair, and the Exhibition. It does not include the Computer Animation Festival, the Reception, or the Full Conference DVD-ROM. These items can be purchased separately.

Basic Conference One Day
Includes admission to Art and Design Galleries, New Tech Demos, Posters, FJORG!, The Studio, Fast Forward Technical Papers Session, Featured Speakers, Exhibitor Tech Talks, Birds of a Feather, International Resources, and Job Fair for the selected one day of the conference, plus the Exhibition Tuesday through Thursday. It does not include the Computer Animation Festival, the Reception, or the Full Conference DVD-ROM. These items can be purchased separately.

Computer Animation Festival Only
Includes admission to the Computer Animation Festival and the Exhibition.

Register now.

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Hotel Rooms in Los Angeles Going Fast!

Reserve Today

SIGGRAPH 2008 has negotiated discounted rates at several hotels. Use the hotel map to decide where you want to stay when you are in Los Angeles.


When you reserve your room, remember that SIGGRAPH 2008 is Monday - Friday, not Sunday - Thursday like it has been in the past.


Secure your hotel reservation.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Art & Design Galleries

In a dynamic change to the format of the traditional SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, this year's art and design program will represent innovative juried and curated installations across two complementary themes - Slow Art and Design & Computation.

RealSnailMail by Victoria Katie Isley, courtesy of ACM SIGGRAPH 2008

Slow Art
In Slow Art, new media artists re-imagine speed through the paradigm of slowness.

SIGGRAPH 2008 Slow Art encompasses juried art from 41 artists meditating on fast and slow living in a landscape of technology. With the speed we attain in so many aspects of our digital culture, do we create an oasis for contemplation or a hunger for yet more speed?

The artworks are categorized into four themes:

  • Erosion - exploring the wear of time and repetition

  • Hybrids - objects and interactions uniquely combining contrasting elements of old and new

  • Rhythms - documenting patterns and play

  • Traversal - discovering paths that define humans’ relationship to time

"In our fast-paced society, we often get caught up with enhanced productivity. We forget to stop, look, and listen to our surroundings. What are the consequences of bigger, better, faster, more?" asks Lina Yamaguchi, SIGGRAPH 2008 Juried Art Chair from Stanford University. "Through the platform of new media, 41 artists share condensed perceptions of time and interrogate the limits of performance, distance, desire, and respite."

Learn more about "Slow Art" and experience the pieces that will be on display.

Continua by Erwin Hauer and Enrique Rosado, courtesy of ACM SIGGRAPH 2008

Design & Computation
The SIGGRAPH 2008 Design & Computation exhibit presents curated projects that explore digital fabrication technologies as well as analytical and generative design methods.

"The emergence of digital tools and methods used by contemporary architects and designers has been inextricably connected to developments in computer graphics throughout time," stated Lira Nikolovska, SIGGRAPH 2008 Chair of Curated Art from Autodesk, Inc. "The digital information with which designers work has provided new means for expression as well as a material that can be molded and reshaped in a radically different way. The works in this exhibit weave together the past and the present in many ways - whether through the evolution of computer graphics or otherwise."

Before you arrive at SIGGRAPH 2008, review the Design & Computation exhibits.

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New Tech Demos

To broaden the scope and increase the quality of your interactive experiences at SIGGRAPH, a combination of curated demonstrations and juried interactive installations will build on what you knew in the past as Emerging Technologies. Interact with the latest systems before they become hot topics in mainstream media and techno blogs. These New Tech Demos present innovative technologies and applications in many fields, including displays, robotics, input devices, and interaction techniques.

Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display by Dr. Takayuki Iwamoto, courtesy of ACM SIGGRAPH

Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display will substantially improve the
usability of 3D CADs or stereoscopic displays by superimposing a
high-fidelity pressure field on to the graphic objects presented in
3D free space, and enabling the users to physically handle these
objects with their bare hands.

Maglev Haptics! Butterfly Haptic's New User-Interface Technology
is a non-mechanical haptic device based on magnetic levitation that avoids
problems that current haptic interaction devices have, like mechanical
elements that can limit fidelity because of friction, backlash, link bending,
and motor cogging.

MDS (Mobile-Dexterous-Social) Robot for Human-Robot Teamwork is a humanoid robot with a novel combination of mobility, dexterity, human-centric communication, and interaction abilities.

Latte Art Machine by Oleksiy Pikalo, courtesy of ACM SIGGRAPH

Latte Art Machine presents a new method of displaying edible images on the surface of premium espresso-based drinks. This standalone machine uses inkjet technology to compose stunning latte art designs by infusing the foam layer of the beverage with the tiny droplets of colorant.

Matsumoto-jo: A Virtual 16th Century Japanese Castle is an interactive virtual exploration of feudal Japan via a reconstruction of a 16th Century Japanese Castle. It utilizes video game media to present the rich complexity of historical subject matter.

"Many of these cutting-edge technologies exemplify how our past informs our future and how it affects the upcoming opportunities and challenges of computer graphics and interactive techniques," stated Mk Haley, SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Director of Encounters with Disney-ABC Digital Media. "The technologies and installations in New Tech Demos encourage people to engage with the future, as well as celebrate our past, as we invigorate, explore, and define our potential."

Discover more New Tech Demos.

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Artists in Residence

Experience a Spectrum of Artists in The Studio

Again for SIGGRAPH 2008, The Studio is hosting an Artists in Residence Program. Artists in Residence Director Richard Nelipovich, Assistant Professor of Design at Indiana-Purdue University in Fort Wayne and a talented designer and metalsmith, has assembled six emerging and established resident artists with backgrounds that range from art and computer design to architecture and engineering. These artists will have their own group workspace integrated into the overall studio design, and will collaborate together and with conference attendees in real-time.

Artists include:

  • Matt Shlian is a paper engineer whose is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design.

  • Peter Schmitt is a sculptor whose work invites the observer to participate in a well-ordered, but unusual world.

  • Jenny Sabin teaches design studios and elective seminars within the graduate Department of Architecture at PennDesign.

  • Myra Mimlitsch Gray is Professor of Art at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

  • Dennis Dollens teaches in the Biodigital Master's Program at the School of Architecture, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Ryan Buyssens is a sculptor and video artist.

"Each of these artists comes from a different background that brings something unique to this live collaboration," stated Phillip Carrizzi, SIGGRAPH Studio Chair from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. "When people think of 'art' they think of the finished product. This program provides a glimpse into 'creation' of art through the eyes of six very talented individuals who are also interacting with the public during the creation process."

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Computer Animation Festival

Expanded in 2008

SIGGRAPH 2008's newly expanded Computer Animation Festival features five days of screenings, four days of talks, three nights of all-star studio events, and two days of 3D stereoscopic panels and screenings.

  • Competition Screenings - The finest of this year's computer animation, including visual effects, animated shorts, excerpts from motion pictures, student work, scientific visualization, abstract art, and so much more.

  • Invited Screenings - You can also experience a slate of invited screenings in addition to the juried, competition content: something new, something old, everything exceptional.

  • Talks - Four days of talks and presentations that teach, entertain, inspire, and illuminate. The schedule includes a full-day course on the history of animation, complete with incredible clips of historic and hysterical animation; a rare glimpse inside the genesis of an animation company and their current feature production; and a revealing look at how visual effects artists work with scientists, architects, futurists, and artists to augment all types of stories.

  • Production Sessions - Panels, roundtable discussions, and conversations about marketing, behind-the-scenes developments, production-related art, digital film production, and retrospectives.

  • Stereoscopic 3D: Research, Applications, and Entertainment - Experts will teach the foundations of 3D, from acquisition to projection, from history to the future. Discover how 3D is contributing to medicine and science, and dive into the increasingly immersive worlds of gaming and interactivity. Learn about the latest animated and live-action productions, hear experts speculate about the future, and watch 3D shorts and clips from 3D features - treasures from the past, and previews of tomorrow's achievements.

Discover the SIGGRAPH 2008 Computer Animation Festival.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Advance Program Now Available

Plan Your SIGGRAPH Experience In Advance

One of the greatest challenges facing many attendees is not having enough time to soak up all the rich content that a SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition has to offer. Now, you can get a glimpse into the incredibly robust experiences that will be featured at SIGGRAPH 2008 before you arrive in Los Angeles.

Download the SIGGRAPH 2008 Advance Program to find details about SIGGRAPH 2008.

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Special Events

Of Special Interest to Specific Segments of the SIGGRAPH Community

During SIGGRAPH 2008, you may want to access some of the special events planned for specific Computer Graphics audiences.

Fast-Forward Technical Papers Preview
Monday, 11 August, 6 - 8 pm

The world's leading experts in computer graphics and interactive techniques preview their latest work in provocative, sometimes hilarious summaries of the field's evolution.

The Anti-Auteurs: User-Generated Content and the Evolving Videogame Ecosystem
Tuesday, 12 August, 6 - 8 pm

Though the videogame world is one expression of specialized creative talent, the landscape is changing. Major game companies are releasing titles that allow game players to literally take over the creative process, transforming game designers into tool and system designers, and users into true content creators. Join this panel of pioneers as they explore games and user-generated content from three broad perspectives: design challenges and game-play mechanics, production and technical implementation, and business and legal implications.

FJORG! Viking Judging Ceremony
Wednesday, 13 August, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Celebrity judges from the animation industry present the winner of the second annual SIGGRAPH "iron animator" competition. The session includes video highlights of the event and the animations produced by the FJORG! finalists.

ACM Student Research Competition Presentations
Friday, 15 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm

Winners of the ACM Student Research Competition at SIGGRAPH 2008 present brief summaries of the work they are displaying in the Posters program.

Find details on all of the SIGGRAPH 2008 Special Events.

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Professional Development

For Attendees Beginning Their Careers in Computer Graphics

SIGGRAPH offers something for everyone, including career services and advice for attendees who are students, are new to SIGGRAPH, or have just begun their career. In addition to the SIGGRAPH 2008 Job Fair, you participate in classes and special events designed to help career starters and searchers.

How to Attend SIGGRAPH 2008
Monday, 11 August, 8:30 - 10:15 am

Learn how to maximize the benefit you receive at SIGGRAPH 2008. After this class, attendees will be well-prepared to understand, appreciate, enjoy, network, and learn from the rest of the SIGGRAPH experience.

Get the Job You Want in Computer Graphics
Tuesday, 12 August, 8:30 am - 12:15 pm

This class explains how to write a résumé, showcase your talent in a demo reel, and arrange job interviews. It includes examples of real-life résumés and demo reels; reviews the requirements for technical jobs such as software engineers, shader writers, and technical directors; and provides tips on interviewing and negotiating.

Introduction to Computer Graphics: The Big Picture
Tuesday, 12 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm

This class covers the essentials from 2D to 3D, demonstrates the core ideas with live demos using today's tools, and explains how to use modern software to create images, movies, and even procedural animation. The class provides a quick, dense infusion of graphics knowledge designed to make the rest of your week not just comprehensible, but exciting and stimulating.

Discover all of the SIGGRAPH 2008 classes.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition Growing Rapidly

The SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition has continued to grow in size and is on pace to greatly exceed the size of the exhibition in 2007. In fact, the amount of square footage that exhibitors have purchased is already up 5% as compared to 2007.

“We continue to see the SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition grow in both number of exhibitors and booth sizes," said Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition Director. “In fact, this year, the exhibition will have the most square feet since 2004, reaffirming that each year, the SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition increases the amount of value we offer attendees and exhibitors alike.”

Contact SIGGRAPH 2008 Exhibition Director Mike Weil if you are interested in reserving booth space.

Access the list of 2008 exhibitors.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Job Fair

Tuesday, 12 August; Wednesday, 13 August; and Thursday, 14 August

Jobseekers - Don’t forget to create your SIGGRAPH 2008/ profile to maximize your visibility with companies recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2008 and to increase your chances of landing that "right" job. It’s quick, easy, and free. When you complete your profile, companies will be able to review your professional experience, software knowledge, and samples of your work, including hosted art files and demo reels.

If you already have a profile, login to your account. Be sure to check the box indicating you will be attending SIGGRAPH 2008 so employers recruiting at the conference can easily identify and contact you prior to, during, and after the job fair

Employers - If you are recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2008, a limited number of Job Fair Booth and Recruitment Packages are still available. Both packages include job posting credits on the job board network, as well as other marketing tools that provide exposure for your company, projects, and jobs to a community of 17 million creative professionals

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Project Pulse

SIGGRAPH 2008 introduces "Project Pulse" to help you navigate your way through the conference. Experimental technologies will be integrated including digital signage that loops timely content throughout the Convention Center; mobile phone options like the ability to receive conference updates and communicate with groups; and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, which by implementing this year, may offer additional services at future SIGGRAPH conferences. When you arrive at SIGGRAPH 2008, look for more details on these experiments.

Specifics on RFID
SIGGRAPH 2008 attendees registered as Full Conference have been selected to participate in RFID technology testing. For this experiment, RFID readers will be located at entrances to convention session rooms. If successful, this technology may be used in the future to offer enhanced attendee services like:

  • Effective management of popular sessions that might overflow or fill up quickly

  • Location-based gaming and scavenger hunts

  • Opt-in networking and pre-session demographic visualizations

  • "Automatic Journal," an easy way to get more information on the sessions you attended after the conference

Through the use of RFID technology, no personally identifiable information will be tracked or saved. If you are a Full Conference attendee and wish to opt-out this year, you may discard this badge.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for possible future uses of this technology, contact

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Influence a SIGGRAPH Conference

Call for Future Conference Chairs
SIGGRAPH is seeking applications for the SIGGRAPH 2012 Conference Chair position; subsequent year applications are also being considered.

This person leads and inspires a highly energized, multi-talented, and deeply committed team of volunteers and professional service contractors to create, plan, and produce every aspect of the conference and exhibition.

The Conference Chair will work closely with the SIGGRAPH Chief Staff Executive, the Conference Advisory Group, the professional service contractors, and the volunteer program chairs over approximately a four-year period. In addition to overseeing the conference, the Conference Chair serves in an advisory capacity to the SIGGRAPH organization.

Apply to be a conference chair.

SIGGRAPH Wants You for 2009 and Beyond!
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a SIGGRAPH volunteer, we want to hear from you! Become even more a part of the SIGGRAPH community by getting involved in a future conference - it is a fun and rewarding experience that can enhance your personal network and professional career. To take that first step, please stop by the SIGGRAPH 2009 booth during the conference to discover how you can contribute your expertise and energy. All attendees are welcome. Questions, suggestions, and comments are encouraged.

Learn more about applying for other SIGGRAPH conference positions.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 in the News


SIGGRAPH 2008 has recently received media attention from a range of news sources. Here is just a sample of what and who has created some buzz for SIGGRAPH 2008.

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The Evolution of SIGGRAPH

Did You Know?

To go along with the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference theme, each issue of SIGGRAPHITTI will offer you a different fact about the way SIGGRAPH has changed over the years, how it has evolved.

SIGGRAPH Exhibition on Art
While SIGGRAPH presented a curated art exhibition in 1981, the first SIGGRAPH-sponsored juried public exhibition of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, interactive, and time-based works by artists and scientists experimenting with computer graphics technologies was presented in 1982. Due to the popularity of the previous shows, SIGGRAPH decided to support this open competition. The jury selected 88 pieces to be on display that year.

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