Slide Templates

Macintosh and PC Slide Templates
SIGGRAPH 2006 slide templates are available in PC and Macintosh versions. Various file formats of the logo are also available, so you can use your preferred presentation software and/or design your own slides.

The files are in compressed archive form: Zip for PC and Stuffit for Mac. You will need an archive utility like Winzip or Stuffit to to extract the templates and image files. Download the appropriate file for your platform by selecting the links below:

For PC
Zip Archive of PowerPoint and Logo files (381 KB)

For Macintosh
Stuffit archive of PowerPoint and Logo files (533 KB)

Other Platforms
If you need images to create a presentation on a computer that doesn't use Windows or Mac OS, please contact the Speaker Prep staff for assistance. We will help you find what you need.

The templates are also available on disk for presenters who have difficulty downloading them. To request the appropriate disk for your platform, please contact the Speaker Prep staff.